Get Text Messages when your realm comes online

It's easy to get going, follow these steps to be instantly updated when your realm goes offline, comes online or when a Warcraft world event is happening:

Step 1: Search for your World of Warcraft realm in the list below

Step 2: Using a Twitter account, click the follow button (Create an account if you don't have one)

Step 3: On Twitter, turn on device update to receive free text messages when your realm goes offline or comes online

Latest Alerts 07/26/2016 a 8:30am241 realms have come online. 07/26/2016 a 8:20am239 realms have gone offline. 07/26/2016 a 8:15amArathor and Drenden have gone offline. 07/23/2016 a 8:10pmDarkspear has come online. 07/23/2016 a 8:05pmDarkspear has gone offline.